array ( 1 => array ( 'pricing_title' => 'Recording', 'pricing_currency' => 'usd', 'pricing_amount' => '75', 'pricing_type' => 'variable', 'pum' => 'Minute', 'pum_min' => '0.5', 'pum_max' => '', 'sum' => '', 'sum_min' => '', 'sum_max' => '', 'pricing_description' => 'Whether you need just a saxophone solo or a collection of woodwind parts, the per minute of recorded music will allow you to maximize and diversify your order to meet your needs. Send a written part, audio file, MIDI or voice recording of the parts needed. Artist reserves the right to interpretation based on expertise. If you need parts composed, arranged or a solo with specific direction, please select the Compose or Arrange extra.', ), )